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If you haven't been able to find the answer after checking the FAQ, please contact us to ask.

Where to get data about SP Cable?


You can download the catalog (PDF file) on our website under PR Center or check other posted data, for more information please contact us indicating specifically what kind of data/info you need.

When is the recruitment for new and experienced employees?


If there is a shortage of people in the field, we are hiring them on demand.

Once an open recruitment plan is established, notice will be posted on our website or employment related websites. Please check the site and our website.

How to I ask for estimate inquiry?


Please send us your inquiries at our sales team via admin@spcable.net for domestic products and sales@gocoms.net for overseas products. And we will check and respond promptly.

Company Name : Sungpoong Cable Co., Ltd.    CEO : Seo, Yun-joung
Business License No : 229-81-39124
1552, Chungmu-ro, Doonpo-Myeon, Asan-Si, Choongcheongnam-Do

TEL : +82-41-532-0433    FAX : +82-41-532-8152    E-mail : admin@spcable.net

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