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SUNGPOONG CABLE is in the center of growth and development through challenges and changes.

SUNGPOONG CABLE, which pursues passion for innovation and boosts its potential for new business markets and consumers’ demands, was established in 1999. With the spirit of challenge, we are not afraid of taking risks for going where no one has gone before and have continued to develop new technologies and products in order to move beyond the limited domestic market and expand our business worldwide.

Based on our accumulated knowledge, skills and experiences through continuous research and development in the past years, we are getting on the path to rapid growth and increased competitiveness in overseas markets. Under the mission of “Let’s create infinite possibilities and spread infinite energy of happiness”, we will strive to deliver high-quality products and best customer-oriented services.

With the full of passion, tenacity and energy, SUNGPOONG CABLE is doing our utmost for enhancing global competencies and improving customer satisfaction and support.



Manufacturing of other insulated wires and cables

Main Business

Insulated wire, wire component, nonferrous metals manufacturing, wholesale and retail, exportation

Business Classification

Small and medium Business Corporation


July. 07. 1997 (19 years)


KRW44.64 billion (December. 31. 2017)

Corporate Identification



SP NAVY : #003366
SP BLUE : #0099FF

Financial information


2017 Revenue


billion won

compared to

last year


As of December 2017

Operating Profit

2017 Operating profit


million won

compared to

last year


As of December 2017

Net Income

2017 Net income


million won

compared to

last year


compared to industry average


As of December 2017

* Based on NICE evaluation information data.

Status of Export

Horizontal version

Combined version

  • The main blue color clarifies the corporate’s future image which is inherent in our will of advancing skill and completing maximum customer satisfaction.

  • The whole color use creates promising spirit of the company aiming for global success.

Based on the circular shape that describes endless possibilities and a center point of the globe, the three curved lines within the circle embodies our unremitting exertion for business growth ranged over the past, present, and future of the company.

The core concept of the symbol mark :

Sungpoong Cable’s symbol mark is a basic visual representation of the company both internally and externally, while the logo type serves to clearly show the name of the company with representative blue color.

Company Name : Sungpoong Cable Co., Ltd.    CEO : Seo, Yun-joung
Business License No : 229-81-39124
1552, Chungmu-ro, Doonpo-Myeon, Asan-Si, Choongcheongnam-Do

TEL : +82-41-532-0433    FAX : +82-41-532-8152    E-mail : admin@spcable.net

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